Jeet Kune Do Five ways of attack


 Jeet Kune Do Five ways of Attack
The Original Five Ways of Attack Are: 1) Single Direct Attack (SDA)
2) Attack By Combination (ABC)
3) Progressive Indirect Attack (PIA)
4) (Hand) Immobilisation Attack (HIA) or just (IA)
5) Attack by Drawing (ABD)

SDA has been expanded to include:
. Simple Angle attack (S.A.A): The simple angle attack is the use of any “Simple Attack”, an attack that has direct line of fire that is exploited by faking or beating an opponent to the punch, from an unexpected angle. The S.A.A can be set up by either feinting or readjusting the distance with footwork.
HIA has been expanded to also encompass foot immobilization techniques and is sometimes just referred to as IA. Immobilization Attack (I.A): The immobilization attack is the effective use of “Trapping”. Trapping is a method of attack that results in the holding down of an opponent’s hand or leg providing a safe route of attack. The trapping prevents the opponent from moving the body parts needed for defense, leaving them “trapped” and their body or face open for multiple strikes.
. Progressive Indirect Attack (P.I.A): The progressive indirect attack is similar to a “simple attack” except there is not a committed fake or feint. The P.I.A is an uncommitted thrust motion that forces your opponent to move in defense as you exploit the predetermined open area.
. Attack by Combination (A.B.C) Attack by combination is a series of punches and or kicks that follows a particular sequence to create openings or “Setups” in your opponent’s defense. The “setup” is created by the series of punches and or kicks maneuvering the opponent into a position to receive a knockout blow.
. Attack by Drawing (A.B.D) The attack by draw method is executed when you are able to make your opponent believe there is an opening or weak spot in your defense. When your opponent tries to attack this area he creates his own opening or weak point and you attack that area, completely catching them off guard.