Above: Just For Kicks Academy – 1990’s Im at far Right, in the Middle is Daniel Pesina “Johnny Cage” from Mortal Kombat Video Game

Above: Photo of some of my JKD and Combat Hapkido Students in the mid 90’s , 6 of these Guys Earned their Black Belts. 

Jho Moraga on left, Mike Plachy on the Right. Both students of mine who went on to become un-deafeted Full Contact Kickboxing Champs.

Me, Mark Gadomski, Cheryl Bour, and GM Hock Hochheim in 1999 after my 3rd Dan BB Test and their 1st Dan Test with Hock. My test the Day before was 5 hours long and my UKE and Testing Partner was Mike Gillette, the world famous strong man. 

MIKE GILLETTE – After my test Mike said to me “Thanks for letting me be your rag doll for the test, lol”. At the time Mike was also the Police Chief of Ames Iowa.

After teaching a Women’s Self Defense Class in Manila , with Punong Lakan Garitony Nicholas 

Wally Jay – George Dillman – Remy Presas ( 3 of my instructors)

Me and Kathy Long  – Womens Kickboxing Champ and Martial Arts Movie Star