About John Thompson –

Here is a list of Instructors and Styles that Sifu/Sensei/Sabunim John has trained in.

1979Shaolin Kung Fu – 3 months – with Kim Thomas in Ventura Ca.
1980Tae Kwon Do – Mark Nyugen – Informal training
1982 – Tae Kwon Do – 6 Months with – Mike Warren (USA TKD Team World Champ)
1983 -84Tae Kwon Do – with John E. Thompson ( father)
1990 -92Tae Kwon Do – Kwon’s Tae Kwon Do – Chicago Il, GM Kwon
1990- 92 – Degerberg Academy – Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, Kali and Muay Thai ( Eugene Amada and others)
1992TKD with Just for Kick’s TKD and GM Donald Moore Earned 1st Degree BB from Donald Moore
Trained in Modern Arnis with Master Jim Ladis 1 year
1993 – Earned 2nd Degree in TKD and 1st Degree in Combat Hapkido from GM Pellegrini
Bounced at a Chicago Night Club for 3 months
Joined Self Defense System Jeet Kune Do Association ( SDS JKD)
Trained SDS JKD with Eric Piper in Kalamazoo , Michigan
Trained with Gary Dill in SDS JKD for in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the next 3 years
Certified Basic & Advanced JKD Instructor under Gary Dill
Certified Advanced Instructor in Modern Arnis with GM Remy Presas
Trained in Bushido Kempo, JuJitsu, Aiki Jujitsu and Arnis at Camps and Private instruction
Trained in Combat Hapkido with John Pellegrini and Donald More
Began training with Hock Hochheim in Arnis/JKD/Kempo JuJitsu and H2H Combatives
Seminars with Dan Inosanto, Larry Hartsell ( JKD and Shoot Fighting)
Trained with Wally Jay, Remy Presas, George Dillman in many Camps and Seminars
Trained with the Chicago Stunt Team and joined Mortal Kombat Stunt Team trained 1 year with them.
Trained with Ron Balicki, in seminars, and his brother Ray for another 2 years in Jeet Kune Do and Street Fighting/ Bar Fighting tactics
Certified Senior Level Instructor in SDS JKD from Gary Dill
Opened JKD / Combat Hapkido School in Frankfort, Illinois ( South West of Chicago) Academy of American Martial Arts
1995 – Trained with Wally Jay, Remy Presas, George Dillman in Camps and Seminars
SDS JKD with Gary Dill, training with Hock Hochheim in Arnis/JKD/Kempo JuJitsu and H2H Combatives
Left SDS JKD training and the Gary Dill organization
Joined with Hock Hochheim in Arnis/JKD/Kempo JuJitsu and H2H Combatives at SFC Force Necessary
Trained with Wally Jay ( Small Circle JuJitsu), Remy Presas ( Modern Arnis) , George Dillman (Kyusho Jitsu) in Camps and Seminars
Training with Hock Hochheim in Arnis/JKD/Kempo JuJitsu and H2H Combatives at http://www.forcenecessary.com/
Trained with Wally Jay, Remy Presas, George Dillman in Camps and Seminars
Trained with Jesse Glover in Non Classical Gung Fu ( Jesse was Bruce Lee’s first Student)
While Hosting a seminar with Hock – tested along with other Black Belts and I was awarded 3rd Degree in
In SFC Fighting Congress – Force Necessary H2H Combatives and 3rd Dan in Kempo JuJitsu from Hock Hochheim
My main testing partner and UKE was the famous strong man Mike Gillette at https://www.mikegillette.com/ The Test was held at
the school of Mark Halleck at http://nsama.com/meet-the-owner-marc-halleck/
Made a movie with Ho Sung Pak, Tai Mak and Daniel Pesina “The Book of Swords” – tore my clavicle during stunts
Nominated to the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame  by GM John Pellegrini for Teaching 
Awarded 6 of my students Black Belts , 2 opened schools. Jhojo Moraga at https://www.jhobounmartialarts.com/
Closed school and moved to Las Vegas
Had a few private students.
2007 Trained with Punong Guro John “TJ” Cuenca in Ocho Kantos Kali on an off for a couple of years.
2011 – Moved to the Philippines
Began teaching martial arts at the Philippines International Bible Institute
Trained with Punong Lakan Nicholas Garitony in Manila in Modern Arnis Mano Mano
Taught JKD and Arnis as guest instructor for MMDA traffic enforcement
Taught JKD and Arnis to the Philippines Army Pampanga Branch
2014 – Taught JKD/ Arnis in Ilo Ilo to Mayors Body Guards and private students in seminar with TJ Jon Cuenca
2013 – 2021 Teaching JKD, Arnis and Combatives / Combat Jujitsu in The Philippines


W Hock Hochheim on Black Belt


A Military, Civilian Self Defense, Police, Security and Martial Trainer and Consultant with 5 Decades of Training and Experience…Here are just a few of W. Hock Hochheim’s endless credentials:

10th Dan Black Belt and Founder of the S. F. Congress
3rd Dan Black Belt in GM Ernesto Presas, Filipino Arnis De Mano
2nd Dan Black Belt in Prof. Remy Presas Modern Arnis
5th Dan Black Belt Kajukenbo from Professor Dan Dean Goldade
Black Belts in Aiki-Jitsu (3rd Dan) from Dr. Carl Farenalli
Black Belt in Kempo JuJitsu under RJ Oak (7th Dan)
Various rankings in other systems
Teaching martial tactics and strategies since 1990
Retiring from the police force in January, 1997
Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame inductee 2001